In our Dun Laoghaire centre an afterschool service is provided to children of local schools.
The afterschool rooms enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and environment where the children receive help with their homework on an individual level and also enjoy many fun activities with their friends.
Our afterschool care is an all year round service closing only over the Christmas period and on Bank Holidays.
During school term, we open Monday to Friday, from 12.30 noon to 6.30pm daily. Opening hours are 7.30am to 6.30pm during school holidays, in-service day and non-school days.
All school going children up to the age of 12 years are eligible to attend.
Varied meals are provided each day. The children sit together and enjoy a hot meal. Snacks are also provided.
Once Upon a Time’s afterschool service provides parents with the peace of mind that when the children’s school day ends they will be greeted at the school gate by our qualified staff and brought to the afterschool rooms. Theseafterschool rooms are a home from home environment.
Each afterschool facility has a designated homework area. Homework supervision is provided and all homework is checked by a staff member.
Our magnificent afterschool facilities and areas are large enough to ensure that your child will spend his/her day with their friends, enjoying daily revised programmes and activities tailored specifically for your child/children’s needs and requirements.

Daily activities include arts and crafts, sports and games, gardening, science experiments, baking, dance, cinema area & many many more.