At Once Upon a Time, every month is a different story and every day is a new adventure. Through our carefully planned curriculum every child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development is catered for and promoted. Our curriculum encompasses the 12 principles of Aistear.

Each month has a different fun theme. The children at Once Upon a Time learn while having fun, each activity is linked to another based on our monthly theme. These activities help with a child’s curiosity and imagination.

Through fun and play children learn about different cultures, geography and science.

The Once Upon a Time carers plan a day-to- day curriculum based on the monthly theme that caters for each child’s individual needs and interests.

The carers organise projects and themed parties that are designed to help your child to explore the world around them and find subjects that interest them.


We here at Once Upon a Time enjoy the added benefit of having our very own Once upon A Time bus. The children love to discover new places and environments on our bus trips that occur once a week for each of our centres. The children get to visit a variety of amazing, educational and fun places such as Marley Park, The National History Museum and Glenroe farm to name just a few.

The Once Upon a Time bus meets the stringent RSA safety requirements and has had child size seat belts installed.