Our rooms

Baby room

Our centres’ Baby Rooms strive to be a “home away from home”.
We here at Once Upon a Time understand how hard it can be for parents and guardians to hand over the care of their baby for the first time. Our dedicated and experienced carers make this adjustment an easy one.We provide a personal level of attention and care to all babies in our care.

Prior to your child starting with us, carers and Managers will discuss with you your baby’s care plan. We will continue your routine from home.Your child will settle into Once Upon A Time over a period of days or weeks.

We will discuss all aspects of our care in great detail, accommodating any special request you may have.

We maintain a ratio of 1:3 for all children under the age of 1 years old.

We provide updated daily report forms that detail your baby’s activities, nutrition, sleeping, nappy changes, medical administration allowing you to monitor your baby’s routine closely. As your child grows and develops we will ensure that your baby’s routine changes with their needs.  Routines within the baby room are child led and you will find a sample of the baby routine outside our rooms.

Babies in our care enjoy fun and exciting days that include art, water play, singing, art, messy play, sensorial play etc.

Our experience, qualified staff works in conjunction with parents. Our baby rooms enjoy a separate cot room from their play room. This room offers a soothing, calm, atmosphere where your baby may nap as they need it.

The play room, in contrast, provides a colourful and stimulating environment, where there is a vast variety of age appropriate toys and equipment which will meet every baby’s overall developmental needs in a homely, cosy environment.

Wobbler Rooms

The primary challenge for children at this stage is to discover and explore the world around them using all their senses.
For a Wobbler, every day is a wonderful adventure and in Once Upon a Time we encourage “our” Wobblers to explore the world, while at the same time providing a safe and trusting environment.
As a Wobbler, your child becomes more independent, here at Once Upon a Time we adapt the routine and curriculum to cater to their need. Their routines will become a little more structured but always allowed for children's choice and child led activities.

Our curriculum provides the stimulation and excitement necessary for a happy, healthy Wobbler to thrive. Our staff continuously works very hard to build a bond and trust with each child to promote successful development and self-esteem.

We enjoy open communication with parents, we provide highly detailed Daily Report Forms for each child in our care as well as Quarterly Developmental Forms. Wobbler Routines and activities are available to view outside each wobbler room.

Toddler Room / Pre-Montessori Room

The primary challenge for a child at this stage is to develop advanced communication skills and to explore social and behavioural boundaries.
Once Upon a Time supports and facilitates this development by providing a more structured environment while at the same time encouraging each child to express his own personality through imaginative and creative play and children's choice.
In the Toddler age group your child’s vocabulary will increase, your child will start to put sentences together instead of just words. At Once Upon a Time we constantly encourage language development through various fun activities.

Our curriculum strives to challenge each individual child and to promote self-esteem, concentration and positive behaviour.

We enjoy open communication with parents, we provide highly detailed Daily Report Forms for each child in our care as well as Quarterly Developmental Forms. Toddler routines and activities are available to view outside each of our Toddler rooms.

Montessori Room

"Within the child lies the fate of the future.” – Maria Montessori
Dr Maria Montessori devised a method of early childhood education which was specifically designed to meet the basic needs of the child and help develop the child as a total human being. Our qualified Montessori teachers strive to ensure that your child’s time with us is as enjoyable as possible while at the same time preparing them for a big school. Although we have a structured curriculum in place, the Montessori teachers work with each child at their own individual pace in order to meet the needs of their specific personality. Each child within the Montessori room has a choice in which work they would like to work with. In addition, this helps to maximize their potential cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.

Our Montessori teachers will communicate with the parents regarding each individual child's behaviour and development on the daily basis. In addition to this we will communicate through our daily report forms at the end of each day.

Each year a Graduation ceremony is held for children graduating from Montessori to “big school”. Parents and Guardians are given the dates of the graduation and the children will put on a little show for all.

Christmas Concert:
All Montessori children participate in the Once upon a Time Christmas Concert. All parents and guardians are invited to come and see their little ones perform festive tunes and take part in our Christmas play. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing as the children show off their wonderful talents.


In our Carrickmines, Dundrum and Dun Laoghaire centres we provide afterschool care. Please engage with the managers of these centres to ensure we provide a pick up from the schools your child/children are attending. Afterschool service is based on a first come, first served basis.

The afterschool rooms enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and environment where the children receive help with their homework on an individual level and also enjoy many fun activities with their friends.

Our afterschool care is an all year round service closing only over the Christmas period and on Bank Holidays.

During school term, we open Monday to Friday, from 12.30 noon to 6.30pm daily. Opening hours are 7.30am to 6.30pm during school holidays, or mid-terms. We do not accommodate teacher training days or pick ups from extracurricular activities outside of normal school pick up times.

All school going children up to the age of 10 years are eligible to attend.
Varied meals are provided each day. The children sit together and enjoy a hot meal. Snacks are also provided.
Once Upon a Time’s afterschool service provides parents with the peace of mind that when the children’s school day ends they will be greeted at the school gate by our qualified staff and brought to the afterschool rooms. These afterschool rooms are a home from home environment.

Each afterschool facility has a designated homework area. Homework supervision is provided and all homework is checked by a staff member.